Storing Breast Milk Safely

Breastfeeding is nature’s beautiful way of creating a bond between mothers and their newborns. However, not all moms have the time available to be able to breastfeed their baby. If a mom is going on a trip, returning to work, or planning to be away from her baby for any long period of time, she may pump and store her breastmilk for someone else to feed her newborn.

If you’re a mom who’s pumping for whatever reason, you’re probably asking yourself: how do I store breastmilk safely for my baby?

Types of Storage

When storing breastmilk to be consumed later, only use the following types of storage:

  • Bottles with screw caps
  • Hard plastic cups with tight caps
  • Nursing bags (pre-sterilized)


Label your container with the date that the milk was pumped. This is important as you cannot risk using expired milk. How long you can store the milk depends entirely on the temperature it’s kept in.

Storing Length and Temperature

Room Temperature: 77°F6-8 hours
Refrigerator: 32°-39°FUp to 5 days
Refrigerator FreezerUp to 2 weeks
Self Contained Freezer: 0°F3-6 months
Deep Freezer: -4°F6-12 months

Mixing Old and New

You can add freshly pumped milk to already frozen milk, as long as you don’t add any more than what’s in the container. For instance, if you have 3 oz. of frozen breastmilk in a container, then you can add up to 3 oz. of fresh milk.

Infant Care in Phoenix

It’s important that new mothers immediately find a Phoenix pediatrician. Pediatricians in Phoenix can help mothers decide what’s best for themselves and their babies, including breastfeeding, pumping, formula, and more. Request an appointment today.

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