The common cold is an infection in the upper respiratory tract and is often caused by a virus. If you’re wondering how your child contracted a cold, then these conditions will help you provide better care for your little one.

What the Numbers Say

New viruses develop all the time, which is why the body fails to build up resistance against all the strains. That’s also why kids in preschool and elementary school can get anywhere from six to twelve colds every year. The numbers are high, compared to the two to four colds that adolescents and adults get each year. With about a billion people who suffer from colds every year in the U.S., it’s the common cause for lost days at school and work.

Modes of Transmission

There are usually two ways for a cold to spread: through an airborne virus or by direct contact with infected body fluids. If someone in your children’s classes or schools have a cold, they could be responsible for giving your kids colds as well. They can get it through person-to-person contact or by breathing in the virus at home, too. If someone in the family already has a cold, then that’s the likely source of your children’s colds.

Common Symptoms of the Cold

Symptoms for the common cold are the same for kids and adults: there’s coughing and sneezing along with a sore throat and a runny nose. The good thing about the condition is that it can usually be managed at home so there’s no need to bring your child to the doctor.

Is it Contagious?

Yes, colds are infectious, with the first two to four days after symptoms start being the most contagious phase. They commonly last for about two or three days after being exposed to a source of the contagion. Most colds are gone in a week, though, some may take a few days longer to shake off.

When to Call Your Doctor

If your kids are coughing up mucus, complain of pain, can’t breathe or have high fevers, then bring them to a facility that treats common colds in children in Phoenix. Look for a team of qualified pediatric doctors in Phoenix for consultation and help. If you aren’t sure it’s just a cold, consulting with a doctor will determine the root cause of the problem.

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