It’s Not the Common Cold, but it’s More Common Than You Think!

It’s quite easy to chalk up your child’s illness to the common cold. However, not every cough and stuffy nose indicate a cold. Here are signs you’re dealing with more than the common cold.


If your child’s cold disappears once they step out the house, they might be allergic to something in your home. You may have mold in your walls or layers of dust triggering your child’s allergies. It’s important that you speak to an expert and bring your child in for pediatric allergy testing.


Your child has finally recovered from a bout of illness, and all of a sudden, the symptoms come right back. That could be a sign of a superinfection. It might have been a cold initially, but once your child’s immune system was down, they ended up contracting something more serious. In this case, your child needs to visit a pediatrician in Phoenix before their infection is left untreated.

Strep Throat

It’s normal for a child to have a cold and a fever at the same time. However, if your child’s fever is above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, that could indicate strep throat. If your child has a high fever, it’s urgent you see a doctor immediately. If your child’s symptoms aren’t treated on time and properly, they could end up with rheumatic fever or serious heart problems.


A common cold will normally last three to four days. Any longer than that and your child might be down with something else—possibly the flu. If your child has nausea or is vomiting, this is another sign of  the flu. While cold and flu symptoms are easy to confuse, pediatricians know the difference. Check in with your child’s doctor, that way you can ensure they get proper treatment from the start.

Unsure if it’s just a cold? Want to protect your child from the flu? Make an appointment with Pediatrix today. It’s flu shot season and we recommend flu shots for all patients six months and older. Call (602) 866-0550 to schedule an appointment.

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