The Importance of Immunization Against Childhood Diseases

In recent years, there have been multiple movements against immunization in the United States. Some believe that they cause long-term medical complications. Others believe that they are dangerous or ineffective. All of these schools of thought have one thing in common: they are all incorrect.

The Value of Vaccines

Vaccinations were originally created as a safe way to expose the human body to a pathogen to build immunity. This way, the body would become immune to the disease before actually having to suffer through it. It is the same concept as we gain immunity against diseases either naturally (by catching an illness), or through immunisation. – only much safer and more ethical.

Over the last century, the value of vaccination has been proven time and time again in the millions of lives that it has either improved or outright saved. Children and adults from around the world are safer from diseases than they have ever been, with many diseases considered eradicated because of the measures taken by doctors to make vaccines widely available.

Unfortunately, the efforts of those who are opposed to vaccinations are making this herd immunity – a term given to large populations who are vaccinated – less effective. Cases of diseases like measles, rubella, mumps, and other sicknesses that were once considered dead are now popping up in numerous places and spreading rapidly. Thankfully, you can protect your child and family from them.

How Can I Keep My Kids from Getting Sick?

To prevent these highly-preventable diseases in your own children, it is important to have them properly vaccinated. Beginning at birth, your child should receive the pediatrician-recommended schedule of immunizations. This schedule is designed to space out the doses so that irritation is unlikely and the positive effects – such as building immunity to dangerous diseases – is maximized.

If you aren’t sure where your child stands in terms of their vaccinations or know you need to catch them up, speak to your children’s doctor right away. The sooner you get their immunizations up to date, the sooner you’ll know they’re on the path to safety and health in the long-term.

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