The Importance of the One-Month Checkup for Your Newborn

The first month of a child’s life is critical—changes are happening rapidly and no matter how many children you’ve had, every newborn experience is different. A one-month checkup is a vital step in caring for your baby, which is why AZ parents need to seek our newborn care in Phoenix. Here’s what happens during these check-ups.

Well Child Checkups

During the appointment, the child’s doctor will provide a thorough examination. This includes taking vital signs, but also taking a look at the way your child’s spine lays, the formation of the head, and the overall health of the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. This is a very good time to spot any signs of distress on the child.

What Else Happens?

Your children’s doctor in Phoenix will talk to you about the child’s height and weight. This is perhaps the most important component of these visits. During them, the doctor is able to understand just how healthy your child is as well as determine if the child is thriving. A child that is not growing or is losing/not gaining weight could be ill or have a concern that needs more attention.


At one month, your child will likely need a new set of vaccinations as well. You can talk to your doctor to administer the hepatitis B vaccine depending on whether the child has already received it in the hospital.

Need a Children’s Doctor in Phoenix or Nearby?

For all of your newborn care in Phoenix, put your trust in Pediatrix. Our team has the tools and resources to help you every step of the way with caring for your new child. For well child checkups or emergencies, call our offices immediately.

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