A fever is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It’s often caused by a viral infection like influenza or can be an allergic reaction to certain medications. If you’re dealing with fever in children, you’ll want to know the following tips to manage the situation without panicking.

Don’t Panic

Seeing your child sick is frightening. But you need to keep in mind that fevers are usually a good sign. It means his/her immune system is fighting off an infection. Besides, most fevers clear up. Monitor your child’s condition and don’t panic.

Know the Symptoms

Waiting for the fever to break, though, will mean that your child may show any number of symptoms, including muscle aches, shivering, loss of appetite, and irritability. Your little one may also feel hot and sweaty, all of which are normal symptoms of a fever.

Do Home Treatments

Sponging your feverish child will make your him or her much more comfortable. Try sponging him or her off first before you let your child take an ibuprofen.

Cover the Basics

Dress your child in light clothing and get him or her to drink plenty of fluids. A moving fan nearby to air the room can also make him or her much more comfortable if your kid’s bedroom is a warm or stuffy.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Knowing when it’s time to go to the doctor is crucial. If your child is vomiting or has a headache along with the fever, that’s an indication of a more serious condition. If your kid’s temperature is also above 104 degrees and occurs with breathing problems, diarrhea, a rash or difficulty in waking up, then bring your child to a pediatrician in Phoenix. If the cough or cold along with the fever has lasted for more than ten days, that tells you it’s time to go to the doctor.

Find the Right Doctor

Don’t take risks with your child’s health. Find a reputable doctor and healthcare facility. Look for someone with the right credentials. How long has the doctor been in practice? Has the clinic been in the area for years? Ask around. Where do your friends and neighbors in the community bring their kids? Their suggestions can help. Consider your child’s comfort level with the doctor as well.

Make sure your child receives proper treatment. Bring him to Pediatrix for qualified doctors that treat fever in children.