Getting your child his or her first pair of glasses can be a bit of a tough sell. Kids don’t like being teased and knowing anybody could call him or her “Four Eyes” may mean s/he won’t be on board with the idea. Not at first, anyway. You can try out the following tips to help you ease your child into wearing his/her first pair.

Be Encouraging

An encouraging and positive attitude about your child’s new look can do a lot to help him or her be comfortable with wearing glasses. Get him or her excited with his or her specs by showing him or her the range of options s/he can choose from. Round, square, even cat-shaped eyes and other styles make it fun to shop for the right pair.

Time it Right

Make sure your child is well rested and in a good mood. If she’s in a good mood, then you and your child will have more fun choosing her first pair. If she’s sleepy or cranky, postpone choosing new specs for another day.

Ask Her What She Likes

Don’t buy a pair of glasses without asking your child what color she likes. It could make a huge difference if the pair is in her favorite shade of pink rather than in boring black or dark blue.

Pick a Good Doctor

Make sure you pick a good eye doctor. The right children’s doctor in Phoenix won’t have any problems putting your child at ease and helping her get comfortable with the idea of wearing glasses. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to get those glasses replaced every year or so. You’ll need to bring your child in for regular consultations to check and monitor the condition of her eyes.

Don’t Nag

This can be especially difficult, but resist the urge to nag your child about wearing the glasses. What you’ll want to teach your child is the right mindset. Make child understand right from the get-go that being able to see is a gift. That way, he/she won’t take it for granted. That will also help you make child understand the importance of taking care of glasses.

Check for Fit and Comfort

Don’t forget to ask your child if the fit is comfortable. Does the frame slide down child’s nose? Does it pinch around the ears? Ask.

To make sure your child needs glasses, get child’s eyes checked out by a children’s doctor in Phoenix at Pediatrix.