As a young mother, you are always conflicted about whether to visit a pediatrician or a family doctor for the health needs of your child. However, it is important to consider choosing the services of a pediatrician because these professionals specifically focus on the health of your baby. Records from the Health Department show that 93% of the children saw a pediatrician in the last year. If you are wondering why you should see a pediatrician, find out below.

1. New Baby Well Check

Never ignore the health of your new baby. Newborn experts indicate that the health of a new baby should take priority in your life. Health analysis should take place in the first week of their life. Pediatricians will take an average of thirty minutes evaluating the health of your baby, after which they will come up with a conclusive analysis of the baby’s wellness. Having a certified profession analyze the health of your newborn baby is essential in their growth.

2. Annual Physicians Exams

Child well checks are very necessary, and they should take place on a routine basis. These routine health checks are formally referred to as annual physician’s exams. They help in checking whether the baby is growing well and as expected. In most cases, annual physician’s exams are physical checks that include height, weight, and overall body appearance. If the baby is not growing as expected, certain measures will be incorporated to make sure that the right growth and wellness of the baby is achieved.

3. Baby Immunizations

Baby immunization is not only a health requirement but a legal undertaking. Failing to take your baby for pediatric care, especially immunization can lead to jail terms for negligence. The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed and implemented a child immunization schedule that should be followed to the letter. If you want your child to grow well, you need to make sure that you adhere to the immunization schedule. Most of immunizations administered to babies start at childbirth and mostly end around the age of 18 months.

4. Nutritional Advice

Kids’ care is not only about immunizations and routine checkups. It is also about ensuring that they are getting the right nutrition for their growth. Most of the children tend to become picky when choosing what to eat. This means that they will end up missing some important nutrients, which are important for their growth. The best pediatrician will make sure that the kids get the recommended daily amount of nutrients. Pediatricians will always provide alternative nutrient sources to the parents.

5. Behavioral Issues

To new parents, the behavior of the child is always an issue of concern. Most of them don’t know whether their children are behaving as expected or they have other behavioral aspects that need the attention of a specialist. Therefore, it is always important to consider the services of an experienced specialist who might help in understanding the behavior of the child. Pediatricians are versed in children’s behavior and will immediately explain whether something is normal or not.

6. Ear Infections

For young children, ear infections are a common occurrence that needs to be dealt with before it gets out of control. Various research studies from the Department of Health show that children are likely to develop ear infections than adults. This explains why you should consider the services of a professional pediatrician regularly.

7. Common Colds

Newborn care is very useful in addressing common colds, especially in cold seasons. It is common knowledge that common colds lead to additional infections to the kids. If not checked immediately, there is a high chance that they will lead to more serious conditions. Seeing pediatric doctors for common cold checks and treatment is, therefore, an important consideration.

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