Some people are at a higher risk of suffering from severe cases of the flu including children starting at the age of 5, as well as adults over 65. Where should you take your child to get a flu shot? Families with tight schedules may find it easier to use a retail-based pharmacy. However, the care of your child should always come from the best pediatrician.

Making sure your child has protection from the seasonal flu is important to their health and well-being. The flu vaccine changes from year to year to be more effective against the latest flu viruses. It is always better to make sure your child is immunized so the risk of being hospitalized is decreased.

There are many advantages to using pediatric physicians to protect children during flu season. When scheduling well checks for kids, inquire about the flu shot and when the best time would be for your child to receive one. The best pediatrician will discuss all of your options during your child’s visit.

There Are Many Reasons to Immunize at a Pediatrician’s Office

For one, the best pediatrician offers a wide range of flu vaccines for kids. There are different brands of flu vaccines available every year. Specific brands are better for children of different ages. A pediatric doctors will be able to guide you concerning which vaccine is ideal for your child. For example, the dosage is different for kids 3 and under compared to the dosage for kids older than 3 years of age.

Pediatricians Know More About Flu Strains and Vaccinations

The best pediatrician is familiar with influenza vaccination recommendations as well as updates as they become available. In some cases, the flu shot may only be ideal for children for a given year, while other vaccines may not be ideal for kids. The best pediatrician knows which are better for kids and which are not.

Pediatric Medical Staff Are Very Accommodating

The medical staff for a pediatrician’s office knows how to set children at ease and answer all of your questions. For example, some children aged 6 months to 8 years old may need a second flu shot. When should they get a second inoculation? How many doses have they already had? Which type of flu shot did they already receive?

Your child’s pediatrician has all of this information and documentation in their immunization record for your child. Retail-based pharmacies do not typically keep immunization records for kids. You would have to supply this information for them. Getting a flu vaccine at a pediatrician’s office also ensures your child’s health record is complete.

Getting a flu immunization at a pediatrician’s office also gives parents the opportunity to look at their child’s medical records. This is ideal for making sure all of their other immunizations are current. If your child needs additional vaccines, they may be able to get them at the same time as their flu shot. If not, your child’s pediatrician will explain why. You can’t get this kind of care from a pharmacy.

Expanded Appointment Times Help Get Children Immunized

When flu season is close, many pediatricians allow for more appointments. This includes evenings and weekends. They do their best to make getting a flu vaccine for your child as convenient as possible. This also means you won’t be stuck waiting in a long line at a pharmacy.

The Focus Is on Your Child’s Well-Being

Pediatricians at Pediatrix stay focused on children being individuals. Your child’s specific needs in regards to flu season are the focal point. Unlike getting a flu shot at a pharmacy, your child is ensured the finest medical care in the form of current treatments and vaccines. Call and find out the best time for your child to be vaccinated against the flu. Friendly and caring medical staff are ready to schedule an appointment so your child stays healthy.