Treating Fever in Children Safely

While it may not always be medically necessary to bring a fever down, your child may be very uncomfortable until you do so. Here’s what measures you can take to safely bring down a fever.


Not every fever is a sign of a serious issue. Often, fevers are just your child’s immune system fighting off an infection. Panicking may overwhelm your child and make them feel worse.


It’s important for children to fight off fevers with fluids. Drinking cool liquids can help cool off your child’s body and reduce any chance that they will end up dehydrated.


You can cool your child down with a room-temperature bath. Avoid cold baths as they are likely to cause shivering and increase the child’s internal temperature even higher.

Cooling Packs

Cooling packs or washcloths under the arms or over the groin area can help bring your child’s fever down, although the fever may return once the cooling packs are removed.

When to See a Doctor

While fevers aren’t dangerous all the time, if the fever spikes to over 100.4F in a baby younger than three months, get them to pediatric doctors as soon as possible. Look for a pediatric practice that knows how to treat fever in children in Phoenix safely. A competent doctor will find a way help your child as soon as possible.

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