After your newborn leaves the hospital, you’ll need to schedule your first pediatrician visit. During this visit, you’ll learn quite a bit about everything from why doctors measure a baby’s head to newborn care. Here are a few things that you can expect.

Weight Check

Doctors will weigh your little one at every appointment. Then, they will chart their growth. This growth chart will stay with them throughout their life to help doctors see when there is a problem. This can also indicate problems with feeding in newborn babies.

Head Measurement

If your little one has a head that is considered smaller or larger than average, it is a good indicator of potential future problems. Doctors will chart the growth of your little one’s head to help them know what other problems or disabilities they need to keep an eye out for.

Discussions About Newborn Care

While doctors are important for days when your baby is sick, they are also there to help you learn how to take care of your little one. They may go over how to care for the umbilical cord, how to bathe a little one, and educate you about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Doctors will also discuss newborn care for babies that have specific conditions. For example, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, children will get between six and eight colds every year before they turn two years old. However, it’s not wise to give small children cold medicine. Your doctor will help you learn appropriate newborn care for sick babies. They will also be there to help you learn about other conditions your little one might develop, such as cradle cap.

Medical History Update

Doctors like to double-check the medical history of patients during the first visit, and during subsequent visits afterward. This can let them know about certain diseases to keep an eye out for as your baby grows older.

Length Measurement

When children are lying down, they measure how long they are instead of how tall they are. Pediatricians typically do this by marking the top of their head and the bottom of their feet on the paper on the exam room table. Then, they measure that length.

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