What You Should Do If Your Infant Has a Seizure

Seizures are scary enough. But when they happen to your child, like most parents, you may not be equipped to respond. Here’s what you need to remember in case your child goes into a seizure.

Stay calm

It’s difficult to stay calm when your child is having a seizure. But it’s important to maintain your composure. If you give in to the panic, then you may not be able to get the help your child needs. When your child comes to after the seizure, child’s going to look at you for clues and take cues from you. Be as reassuring as possible while you wait for help to arrive.

Ensure Child’s comfort

Make your child comfortable. If the attack happens on a stairway or busy street, protect your child as much as you can. Keep child’s head off the floor or put something soft underneath.

Don’t do CPR

During the attack, your child may temporarily stop breathing. You may also see your child’s color change. When these things happen, some parents think administering CPR is the right move. It’s not.

Don’t hold them down

Don’t try to restrain or hold the child down. That can only lead to further injuries. Get help and wait for the medics to arrive while you try to protect and keep your child as comfortable as possible.

Go to a doctor

Seizures don’t happen as a one-off. Regular well child checkups in Phoenix can give your doctor the chance to catch signs that your child may get seizures so you and your family will know ahead of time. That way, when it happens, you’ll be prepared. You’ll know what to do.

Time the length

Note the time the seizure begins and ends. If the convulsions last for more than five minutes, then that means you need to call 911 right away. Knowing how long it lasts each time will help deliver an accurate report to your child’s pediatrician in Phoenix.

Change doctors

If your doctor has little to no knowledge of how to deal with seizures, then find someone else. Look for a doctor or healthcare facility that focuses on infant care in Phoenix. Look and change doctors until you are satisfied that your child is getting the best help possible.

Don’t take chances with your child’s health. Book regular well child checkups in Phoenix with Pediatrix for expert advice on how to deal with your baby’s seizures.

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