Do you know when to schedule your newborn’s first doctor’s visit? Per the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should schedule a visit three to five days after birth. Calm your nerves by reading the questions and answers below about newborn medical care.

What Time Should You Schedule the Appointment?

Request your baby’s first doctor’s appointment at the time of day that’s the least busy. Your pediatrician may reserve specific time slots for newborns, as well. Ask about both when you schedule a visit.

What Should Your Baby Wear?

A pediatrician needs to examine an infant’s entire body. So, dress your baby in simple clothing that’s easy to remove. Along with a change of clothing, bring extra diapers, wipes, and feeding supplies. Besides the right clothing, your baby needs warmth, love, cuddles, and a reassuring voice the most.

Is Paperwork Involved?

Paperwork is a necessary part of all doctor’s appointments. Bring hospital documents, including information about your baby’s weight and discharge. Pediatricians will want to know about possible complications during pregnancy and birth, as well.

Be prepared to include family health information. Pediatricians focus on family health problems as part of newborn medical care. Don’t forget your insurance cards, you’ll need those too.

What Should You Know About the First Exam?

The first exam is about getting to know your baby and checking their well-being. The exam itself can last about 25 minutes and includes the points listed below. Plan ahead for waiting and setbacks so you and your baby stay calm and happy.

What Does Baby’s First Exam Include?

  • Head check
  • Neck and collarbone check
  • Hip check
  • Pulse check
  • Reflex check
  • Genitalia check

According to infant health experts, one out of three infants out of 1,000 babies has hearing loss at some level. Over 95% of babies have hearing tests during their first month. A hearing test isn’t part of a baby’s first visit. Schedule one soon after.

Should You Ask Questions?

Yes, always ask questions about your baby’s health. You will receive a lot of information during the first appointment. If you need to, ask the pediatrician to slow down, clarify, or repeat information.

Create a list of questions and talking points ahead of time to take with you. Newborn medical care hinges on information shared between families and physicians. Schedule an appointment for your baby’s first check-up to keep them happy and healthy.