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Why Infant Care is Important for Parents

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Taking care of a baby comes with a lot of challenges. Here’s why knowing how to properly care for your child is a skill you need to learn as you welcome the newest arrival to your family. The Umbilical Cord Will Fall Off Your baby’s umbilical cord will fall off within two weeks. Don’t be surprised when it does. That’s nothing to panic over. Be [...]

Benefits of Circumcision

2018-12-06T08:25:03+00:00 December 24th, 2018|Baby Care|

In American, approximately 6 out of 10 male babies leave hospitals circumcised. While this practice originated in Judaism, religious and non-religious folks alike in Phoenix see the health benefits of circumcising babies. But what is circumcision exactly? And is it really that beneficial? What is Circumcision? Circumcision the removal of the foreskin, or the tissue that covers the head of a penis. All male babies [...]

H1N1 and Fever Reducers

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Last year’s flu season was historic in its severity partially because of the subtypes of flu that were circulating and partly because last year’s vaccine was only 40% effective. The lack of effectiveness did not come close to the failures of the 2004 to 2005 season where the vaccine was only 10% effective, or the 2014 to 2015 season where the vaccine was only 19% [...]

An Inside Look at the Real Causes of Toddler Constipation

2018-12-04T09:21:01+00:00 December 4th, 2018|Baby Care, Doctor Visits|

Constipation is defined as having three or fewer bowel movements per week, and while some children might pass stool every day, others can go days at a time with no ill effects. However, there comes a time when the symptoms of toddler constipation should not be ignored. Symptoms of Constipation in Toddlers When a toddler is constipated the most direct evidence is the condition of [...]

Why Your Toddler Needs a Flu Shot

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It’s flu season, meaning you’re probably surrounded by the following: coughing, runny noses, sore throats, etc. Flus are more than just irritating, however. They can sometimes be deadly. In 2018, Arizona recorded a whopping 523 flu-related deaths. Who’s most at risk? Children under two. How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Flu Shot? A baby has to be at least six months [...]

Safe and Natural Toddler Constipation Remedies

2018-11-07T15:06:37+00:00 November 12th, 2018|Baby Care, Wellness|

If your child has painful bowel movements, then they may have constipation. Here’s what you need to know about constipation and your child. Constipation Symptoms Does the baby have pain in their stomach? Are they bloated? Is there bleeding with the bowel movements? Are there any soiling accidents? If you see any of these signs, then your child may be suffering from constipation. Is it [...]

Treating Fever in Children Safely

2018-11-07T13:13:45+00:00 November 7th, 2018|Baby Care, Blog, Doctor Visits, Emergency, Health|

While it may not always be medically necessary to bring a fever down, your child may be very uncomfortable until you do so. Here’s what measures you can take to safely bring down a fever. Relax Not every fever is a sign of a serious issue. Often, fevers are just your child’s immune system fighting off an infection. Panicking may overwhelm your child and make [...]

At What Age Should Dental Checkups Begin?

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Many parents aren’t aware of how much early dental care can make a difference in their child’s teeth. Pediatricians and dentists can often see signs of future dental conditions long before your child’s first tooth comes in. Early checkups can mean healthier teeth later on in life. If you want to start your baby on preventive dental care, here’s what you need to know. At [...]

Why New Parents Need a Pediatric Doctor for Newborn Care

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Having a baby is both an exciting and scary time for parents. With so many questions and new experiences, the most important decision parents can make is finding the right doctor for well child checkups. Online Help Isn’t Enough Medical articles can be a fantastic resource and a great first step to the baffling situations new parents encounter. That being said, it’s only a first [...]

False Facts About Constipated Babies

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Constipation in babies is often misunderstood and there are many misconceptions parents still believe. With a better handle on toddler constipation, you can take better care of your child. It’s Not a Big Deal A lot of parents mistakenly believe bellyaches in babies or toddlers isn’t anything serious. If your child suffers from constipation constantly or it gets to the point that it becomes chronic, [...]