Tips to Get Your Child to Wear Their Glasses

2019-08-27T02:14:54-07:00September 11th, 2019|Baby Care, Blog, Vision|

Getting your child his or her first pair of glasses can be a bit of a tough sell. Kids don’t like being teased and knowing anybody could call him or her “Four Eyes” may mean s/he won’t be on board with the idea. Not at first, anyway. You can try out the following tips to help you ease your child into wearing his/her first pair. [...]

Old Enough for Contacts?

2018-07-23T08:00:04-07:00July 23rd, 2018|Vision|

August is approaching and if you have a pre-teen or teenager who wears glasses, there’s a chance they’re talking to you about contacts before school starts. Plenty of people wear contacts, but if you’re a parent, you rightfully asking yourself, “Is my child old enough to wear contact lenses?” There isn’t an exact age children are allowed to start wearing contacts. However, parents need to [...]

Children’s Eye Exams

2018-04-06T11:05:37-07:00April 6th, 2018|Vision|

For many children, their first vision screening happens at their elementary school. Studies show that these screenings are crucial for adolescents, but research is also finds that they’re not enough. School Vision Screening Pros Optometry students are encouraged to set up school vision screenings in their community. This is because the fourth most prevalent class of disability are vision problems, and 80% of what children [...]