In 2020, there were more than 380,000 premature births in the US alone, resulting in a 9.8% preterm birth rate. Babies born during the gestational stages are susceptible to long-term conditions like cerebral palsy and diseases like jaundice.

Since prematurely born babies require more medical attention, they need additional visits aside from their regular appointments. With these checks, the best pediatricians can identify any issues that can compromise your child’s health now or in the near future.

Why Every Preterm Baby Needs Well-Child Visits

Unfortunately, we live at a time when there has been a significant increase in the number of fatal diseases, especially for young children. Thus, it is better to carry out preventive measures like bringing your baby to the best pediatrician even when they are well.

So, why are well-child visits the best way to enhance your baby’s immunity and keep ailments at bay?

1. Track Developmental Milestones

Well-child visits are the best way to monitor your child’s growth, nutrition, emotions, and overall well-being from an early age to adulthood. Your pediatrician will review your kid’s milestones to know if they are on track according to their age.

For instance, is your child underweight or overweight? Are they displaying irregular eating/sleeping habits or bowel movements? Does your baby need any vaccination or immunization? Once your child’s healthcare provider examines their growth patterns and identifies potential or underlying problems, they can treat them before they evolve and become more dangerous.

2. Evaluate Hearing and Vision

During the early stages, a pediatric physician will perform screening that determines if your infant has problems with hearing or vision. Well-child visits are the best for spotting any speech or hearing problems that may cause learning delays. Your child’s healthcare provider will advise on ways to improve communication, learning abilities, and general safety.

3. Prevent Common Illnesses

According to the CDC, routine immunization has resulted in a decline in common child sicknesses. Premature babies can easily contract measles, polio, and many more diseases if they lack the proper vaccination.

With regular well-child checks, your pediatrician can help prevent these and other vaccine-preventable illnesses and conditions. Otherwise, it might be too late to manage any health-related problems that come with them. Being conversant with your child’s health also gives you essential information on health concerns unique to your area.

4. Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

Every parent is constantly worried about their child’s health, and the only way for your questions to be answered is by seeking professional pediatric care for children. It is vital to inform your pediatric physician of any unnatural behavior and emotional changes. This way, your kid’s healthcare provider will help you analyze habits like sleeping, bowel movement, social behavior, and learning abilities for better growth and development. And as a result, you will have peace of mind knowing your baby’s health is being monitored by a professional.

Get the Right Pediatrician Today

All in all, parents play a huge role in their children’s safety, overall well-being, and health. Establishing a good relationship with your pediatrician will give them an insight into your child’s life for future reference.

Making sure your infant never misses an appointment is an essential step towards protecting your children. At Pediatrix, you will have access to newborn medical care offered by some of the best pediatricians. You can always reach us to schedule same-day appointments and well-child visits.