Taking Care of Your Child’s Hearing Aid

Much of what your child learns is through hearing. That’s why it can be quite frightening when a parent discovers their child needs a hearing aid.

From birth to three years, babies are learning speech and language. This development is natural; it cannot be taught. If your child has hearing loss, pursuing a consistent hearing method is vital. Often, that method is hearing aids.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a small device worn in the ear to amplify sound. There are hearing aids that intelligently filter out background noise and enhance speech.

Hearing Aids and Children’s Ages

The American Speech Language Hearing Association finds that children who have worn hearing aids since infancy have less trouble wearing them consistently. Children who get hearing aids at an older age tend to pull them out more and desire to wear them less.

Hearing Aid Upkeep

If your child wears or is going to wear a hearing aid, it’s important to take care of them. Once your child is old enough, teach them how to take care of their hearing aids themselves. The sooner, the better.

  • Check Batteries—Change the batteries often because old batteries can cause damage to the device. Keep spare batteries with you.
  • Clean Them—Use a dry towel or ear swab to remove wax from the hearing aid. Only use soap when cleaning the ear molds separately.
  • Avoid Wetting Them—Always make sure the hearing aid is in a dry place. Or consider waterproof aids.

Encouraging Your Child

Your child may be reluctant to wear their hearing aids, but there are methods parents can utilize.

  • Have your child pick out the color and/or design of the hearing aid.
  • Increase how long they wear them until they’re used to having them in all day.
  • If your child is young, teach them that only adults can take out their aids.

If you believe your child has hearing loss, it’s necessary to seek a pediatrician. You can request an appointment here with Pediatrix.

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