Things to Remember Before Using Infant Heel Warmers

An infant heel warmer is a type of disposable device made up of a non-toxic substance. When placed in the sole and heel area, an exothermic reaction occurs which immediately raises the body temperature to around 104°F (40°C). The rise in temperature only lasts for a few minutes but is enough to boost the infant’s blood circulation, which helps caregivers to collect a blood sample of the infant. Infant warmers are generally safe, as long as they are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How are Infant Heel Warmers Activated?

There is a wide variety of infant heel warmers being sold, but most manufacturers sell patented devices. The most common type make use of gel components for increasing the body’s temperature. High-quality infant heel warmers reach the right temperature within just a minute without any complicated procedure to activate them. It only takes squeezing the pouch containing the gel to activate them. Top quality products do not contain latex, DEHP, and other harmful substances that can irritate the sensitive skin of an infant.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Infant Heel Warmers

Infant heel warmers are considered to be safe. However, there are a few cases of adverse reactions associated with the use of these products. During the investigation, it was found out that improper use of the products that caused the reaction. Second to third-degree burns are just some of the possible side effects of infant heel warmers, which can easily be avoided by carefully following the manufacturer’s manual on the proper usage of the device.

Precautions You Can Take to Prevent Accidents

The first and foremost precaution that should be taken when handling infant heel warmers is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions because any deviation can cause second to third-degree burns to infants. Here are some other precautions you can take to ensure the safety of the child.

  • Do not apply the product on broken skin.
  • Be extra careful when using a heel warmer on premature babies.
  • Follow the device’s label when activating the heel warmer. Additionally, make sure that you do not activate it anywhere near anyone’s eyes.
  • Heel warmers should be used as is. Do not wrap it in additional heat sources like a warm washcloth.
  • Heel warmers are intended for single use only, so do not attempt to reuse the device.

When to See a Doctor

Do not hesitate to see a pediatrician from Pediatrix, if your child suffered from any of the rare side-effects of heel warmers. We offer one of the best infant care services in Phoenix not only because we have some of the best pediatricians, but also because we genuinely care about your child’s well-being.

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