Skin Care Tips For Babies

Newborn babies have the softest and smoothest skin. But, their skin is also quite sensitive and tender, which requires extra protection and care. They are more prone to skin rashes and allergies than older children, so it’s only natural for parents to worry about their baby’s skin. Here’s a simple guide for new parents on proper newborn skin care.

Go Easy on Bath Time

It’s not really necessary to bathe your baby every day. In fact, excessive bathing may remove the natural oils of your baby’s skin, resulting in dry skin. It will also strip away other substances that protect them against infections and irritants. Bathing three to four times a week should be enough for your newborn.

Use Gentle and Natural Products

A newborn baby’s skin is incredibly tender and fragile. It needs time to get accustomed to the new environment after birth. This is why it will require the utmost care and attention from you. Choose newborn care products that are devoid of harsh chemicals. Avoid scented products with harsh antibacterial ingredients, and go for natural and organic baby products to avoid causing dryness and rashes. Furthermore, you may want to test any new product on a small area of your baby’s skin to see if there will be any adverse reaction.

Skip the Baby Powder

Baby powder has always been a part of many parent’s baby care essentials. However, new studies show that powder may not be good for your baby. For starters, your baby could inhale the powder which may result in a respiratory problem later on. Likewise, baby powders that contain perfume and other chemicals may cause skin infections.

Apply Lotion

A newborn baby’s skin is especially prone to dryness, so you must keep it moisturized at all times. After bathing your baby, gently pat him dry and immediately apply lotion. Moisturizers don’t necessarily add moisture to your baby’s skin. Instead, they prevent the moisture in the skin from escaping. No rule says you can only apply lotion once a day on a newborn. You can use it as often as needed.

See a Doctor for Other Skin Care Concerns

You’ll probably notice a lot of skin issues during your newborn’s first few months. Most of them are nothing to worry about and will clear up even without treatment, such as diaper and heat rashes. However, if the rashes don’t clear up on their own and don’t respond to natural home remedies, then it’s probably time to see a doctor in Phoenix. At Pediatrix, one of our friendly and compassionate pediatrician’s will be more than happy to check your child. We take newborn care seriously, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Contact us for more info.

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