Common Cold in Kids: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

The common cold is one of the top reasons why kids pay a visit to a doctor. If your little tyke is showing all the symptoms, here’s what you need to know.

Common Causes of a Cold

Rhinoviruses in the air or on objects we touch are the cause of the common cold. The virus can enter into the protective lining of your child’s nose and throat. That results in a reaction in your kid’s immune system, one that ends up as a sore throat, headache, and difficulty in breathing through the nose. If your child is usually exposed to second-hand smoke, that could make him or her more at risk of developing a cold. Given your child’s lower resistance, a cold can result in conditions such as pneumonia or bronchitis if the condition isn’t treated properly.

Symptoms of a Cold

A runny nose is often the first sign of a cold, along with sneezing. If your child is tired, has a sore throat or cough, that could be followed by a mild fever and muscle aches too. If you encounter any of these, then it’s time to bring your child to a pediatrician. Get your kid to a doctor and find out the best treatment for the common cold in children.

Catching a Cold

Colds are contagious, especially during the first two to four days, once the symptoms occur. They may even last for weeks. Person-to-person contact spreads the virus. Also, if your breath in virus particles, which usually happens when you’re in contact with a person who has a cold, you’ll be at risk of coming down with the infection as well.

Going to the Doctor

The worst things about colds are that they leave your child with a headache, muscle aches, a fever, and other troubling symptoms. While waiting for the cold to clear up, you can find ways to make your child feel better by going to the doctor. Consult with a trained and qualified pediatrician in Phoenix to find out what your options are. Can you give him or her medication? What home remedies does your doctor recommend? What can you do to bring the fever down? Always ask the doctor before you do anything. Don’t give your child any medication unless you clear it with your child’s pediatrician.

Learn to deal with your child’s condition. Make an appointment with Pediatrix for treatment of the common cold in children. Contact us today.

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