Flu Shots are Recommended for All Patients 6-Months of Age and Older

A little sniffle here. A little above temperature there. Sure, this happens to children and adult alike. Unfortunately, fever in children or just the common cold may turn out to be something more. The flu has been a cause of deaths to many. Fortunately, this is very preventable through vaccinations. It’s recommended that parents have their kids as young as six months get the shot.

Others are a little apprehensive when getting vaccinated. But getting the shot is prevents developing the flu. The flu quickly spreads, and the best way to protect one’s self is through prevention, in this case, it’s getting the immunization.

A person’s antibodies will drop to 50% within six to twelve months from the vaccination. This drop in antibodies is the main reason why annual flu shots are recommended. Yearly flu shots ensure stronger and better protection.

This type of vaccine has two kinds- injections and the nasal spray vaccine. The nasal spray vaccine is recommended by the Center for Disease Control for young children. Both work well, but the spray has proven to work even better when given to younger children.

The contraindication for the nasal vaccine is for anyone who has had an allergic reaction to the shot. Another critical factor to point out is, it is not recommended for children who have medical conditions. Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or kidney disease should take extra precautions and consult their doctor before any shot is given.

The recommended flu shot is not exclusive for children. Adults are also encouraged to have the vaccination every year. When one has the flu, they may pass it on to their children or anyone in the family. The condition can quickly spread in the home. Getting the shot is a way of protecting one’s self and the people surrounding them. The flu may be a week-long condition for some. For others, it becomes so severe that they need to be hospitalized. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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