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Appointments at Pediatrix

All visits are by appointment only. If you can’t keep your appointment, please call us at (602) 866-0550 to allow us to accommodate other patients. Well baby visits are special and generally take longer than other occasions. Please make your appointment for a well baby visit 30 days in advance so that we can allocate the time and provide all the information you need about your child.

Pediatrix Office Hours

We are open extended hours to meet the needs of working parents.

Mon. – Fri.8:00 – 6:00*
Sat. – Sun.8:00 – 12:00*

*Note: Office hours are not fixed. If no patients are scheduled, the office will close.

Contacting Pediatrix After Hours

Because we cannot plan when our children are going to get sick or hurt, Pediatrix physicians are available after office hours during the week and on weekends and holidays.  This on-call service is provided to our patients to assist with medical issues that may arise during these times.  If you have a non-urgent matter, please contact the office during normal business hours.

To contact the physician on call, please call (602) 866-0550.

Calling With Questions

At Pediatrix, our staff is trained to handle questions. Here are some telephone tips:

  • Unless you have an emergency, please do not call between 8 a.m. and 12 noon on Monday and between 2 and 3 p.m. on all weekdays. These are our busiest times.
  • During the first hour of each morning the receptionists are busy scheduling appointments for sick children. If you have a general question or need a prescription refill, shot records or insurance information, please call later in the morning or early afternoon.
  • If you do have an emergency, tell the person answering the phone. They’ll put you through to a triage nurse or one of the pediatric care providers.
  • Keep a pencil and paper handy to jot down information or instructions.
  • Have the telephone number of your pharmacy handy when you call.
  • If you leave a message but will not be home to answer a responding call, please let the receptionist know. Please keep your line clear so that we can get through!
  • If you think your child may need to be seen because he or she is sick, please call as early as possible for an appointment. If you’re not sure, leave a message and we’ll call you back and decide together if you should bring your child in.

Triage Nurses

In order to serve your needs and questions more quickly and efficiently, most incoming calls with routine questions are handled by our triage nurses.  The triage nurses at Pediatrix are Registered Nurses with extensive pediatric training.  They are responsible for assessing your needs, giving appropriate clinical options, and facilitating referral and unanswered questions to the appropriate healthcare provider, specialists, healthcare facility or community resource.

The triage nurses help educate and answer your questions regarding appropriate immediate care for your child and help provide preventive healthcare suggestions.  During the daytime hours and after hours there is always a pediatrician or affiliated provider available as back-up for them in case of emergencies or questions that arise that they cannot help you with.

Test Results at Pediatrix

Test results normally are available within 72 hours, unless you’re told otherwise. We know how important test results are to you. So expect a call from us or our laboratory the day results are available, even if it’s after hours.

Prescriptions through Pediatrix

If you have questions about a prescription, it’s important to call during office hours when the doctor has access to your child’s medical record.

For all prescription refills please call during the business week, at least 48 hours prior to needing the medication.  Please call for refills during office hours, as we need access to your child’s medical records to authorize refills.

You may also fax any requests to (602) 993-5788.  Faxed requests must be sent at least 48 hours prior to needing the medication.

Many providers now use an electronic prescription system, E-prescribe, which emails prescriptions to pharmacies.  When picking up prescriptions, please indicate to your pharmacy whether your provider phoned in the prescription or used E-prescribe to send the prescription.  This will expedite the process.

Request Appointment

If your child requires a SICK or a SAME DAY APPOINTMENT OF ANY KIND do not use our form. Call the office for SICK or SAME DAY appointments: (602) 866-0550.