A new baby is nothing short of a challenge. So is keeping up with the schedule for well child check-ups!

Even if you think your child’s vaccinations are current, the well child visit is extremely important. These visits are key opportunities for in-depth evaluation of your child’s growth and development; many significant conditions or issues can be detected during a well child visit. Remember to bring any questions or concerns you have to the visit so that you will be able to discuss them with your provider.

The kids care Phoenix area parents depend on extends past simply keeping up to date with vaccinations. Regular wellness checks allow for the pediatrician to examine the child and ensure their development is proceeding normally. Many potential issues can effectively be caught if the pediatrician is able to get to know the child and check in with them as they grow. The kids care Phoenix parents expect involves an evaluation of the child’s physical growth. It is also expected the parent will bring up any concerns during the wellness check to help the pediatrician identify any possible issues.  To schedule a wellness check for your child today, request an appointment today!

Below is an outline of when you should bring your child in for a well child examination:

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