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Back to School Tips for Parents

As summer days come to an end, parents should begin preparing for their children to head back to school. This time of year is always hectic as parents have to work through a long to-do list, which includes such things as visits to pediatricians for physicals, shopping for new school supplies and clothing, making a new schedule and figuring out what to pack for lunch.

While preparing for a new school year can be chaotic, there are a number of methods that can be employed to help families more easily transition from summer vacation back to school. Glendale child care professionals and pediatricians in the surrounding areas would like to share the following list of back to school tips for your consideration:

  • Reestablish the Bedtime Routine. Over the summer, parents tend to relax bedtime rules, with many kids staying up later and sleeping in. In order to help ease children back into their school schedules, pediatricians recommend restarting the normal bedtime routine a week or two before the first day. This will help your children to more easily wake up in the morning, and go through the day fully rested.
  • Set up a Homework Spot. Before children head back to school, create a neat, quiet homework spot in your house. Place needed items, such as paper, pens and pencils in the area, keeping it well organized at all times. Glendale childcare professionals would like to note that children thrive with routine, so establishing a place specifically for the completion of homework each day is highly beneficial for school success.
  • Speak with School Staff. If your child has medical issues, such as asthma or allergies, it is important that you speak with teachers and school nurses to discuss any concerns at the start of the year to ensure safety. While pediatricians absolutely recommend that you bring medical issues to the attention of school staff, they would also recommend that you make an appointment with appropriate school staff to discuss any academic or social issues you may be concerned with. Having these conversations early on will help your child to receive the best care while at school.
  • Prepare for Sick Days. Many kids tend to get stressed out at the start of a new school year, which lowers their immunity. This hit to the immune system paired with the reintroduction into close quarters with other children easily leads to the contraction of viruses, such as the common cold. For tips on improving your child’s immunity or to discuss any other medical needs, make sure to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician in Anthem AZ or the greater Phoenix area prior to the start of school.

Employing the above back to school tips will help greatly in easing some of the stress that comes along with the start of a new school year.

If you are interested in checking your child’s health prior to ensure that they are prepared to begin a new school year, visit with the Glendale child care professionals at Pediatrix. Our team of pediatricians and medical staff are highly devoted to providing the best medical care to children. During a well child check up, our pediatricians will review medical history, provide a full body physical and complete any other necessary medical work, such as immunization screening, blood work, and more. To schedule an appointment with our distinguished pediatricians, call Pediatrix at (602) 866-0550 or contact us online.

Posted in Blog on August 22nd, 2014