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Finding A Good Afterschool Program or Sport To Play

There are so many choices when it comes to afterschool programs and sports, and multiple factors to consider. Deer Valley pediatricians recommend afterschool programs and sports, which provide many benefits, but also recommend a school sports physical, or a pediatrics care check-up before beginning.

What Do They Love?

First, what is your child naturally drawn to? Are they interested in playing music? Do they love to dance or do gymnastics? Some children are horse fanatics, and others just want to play soccer. Certainly, one of the benefits of afterschool activities and a major reason to do them is that they can give your child a chance to experience and explore interests that schools can’t provide.

Socially Healthy

Your Deer Valley pediatrician, or whoever provides your pediatrics care, will tell you that socially, afterschool activities can be great for kids. Often they interact with children from other schools and teachers or activity leaders who are not their usual teachers. They form bonds with other children who share the same interests, which fosters a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Make sure that whatever program or sport you choose is reputable and safe. Ask other parents for recommendations and get a school sports physical before beginning.

Sports Health and Precautions

Many children love to play sports. First, whether you have a Deer Valley pediatrics provider or receive pediatrics care elsewhere, make sure that you get a school sports physical before your child begins to play a sport. Many districts will require this, but it’s a good idea to get a school sports physical, or catch up on pediatrics care, before playing, whether it’s required or not.

A Deer Valley pediatrician will help you assess your child’s overall health and determine whether there are any pediatrics care concerns when it comes to playing sports. Deer Valley pediatricians and others recommend that your child always wear protective gear, especially if their sport of choice is a contact sport. Every year, millions of American children are sent to the emergency room, or other pediatric care, with sports related injuries. Talk to your child about the dangers involved in the sports they are playing, and make safety awareness part of the criteria, when choosing which sport your child will play.

Posted in Blog on November 21st, 2014