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Helping Kids Deal with Fear of Shots

Taking your kids to North Phoenix pediatricians for their immunizations can be an incredibly nerve-racking experience for both parent and child. As a parent, however, it is important that you put your own emotions aside, focusing instead on calming your anxious and fearful child.

The following is a list of tips, sorted by age group, for you to consider when taking your child to pediatricians in Glendale AZ or other areas for their immunizations:

  • Babies. Babies most likely aren’t aware of the shots that their pediatricians are about to administer during well child check ups, but it is still important that you help to keep them calm immediately leading up to the event. North Phoenix pediatricians recommend that parents soothe the baby by holding and cuddling them, breastfeeding or providing them with a bottle and talking to them in a soothing voice.
  • Toddlers. When bringing your toddlers to North Phoenix pediatricians for their immunizations, it is best to keep them distracted. Read them books, sing or continuously ask them questions to help keep the atmosphere light and fun. Also, make sure that you dress your child in simple clothing, removing anything with long sleeves prior to heading back to the exam room so as to reduce anxiety leading up to the shot. When it comes time for the shot to be administered, never pin your child down, but rather hold them firmly against your body. Once it’s over, immediately reward them with a treat, such as a toy or candy.
  • Young Children. Before taking young children in for immunizations during their well child check ups, consider sitting them down and explaining the vaccination process as well as the purpose. Instead of focusing on pain, explain to your child how going to the doctor will help them to grow up to be healthy and strong. There will likely be resistance, including tears, which you should address calmly and with compassion. During and after shots, make sure to provide your child with plenty of hugs, and maybe even a treat.

Taking the above tips into consideration will help you and your child to have the best possible immunization experience with North Phoenix pediatricians.

To ensure that your child is growing up healthy, it is essential that you follow the appropriate schedule for well child check ups and immunizations. At Pediatrix, our North Phoenix pediatricians will help to keep your child on track health wise with immunization screenings, treatments, and procedures. In addition to our excellence in medicine, we also offer a warm, welcoming environment for children to help ease some of the fear and anxiety commonly associated with visits to the doctor’s office. To make an appointment with Pediatrix for quality well child check ups, call (602) 866-0550 or contact us online.

Posted in Blog on May 23rd, 2014