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Psych Medicine and Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Statistics show that 1 in 10 of American children may have some kind of emotional disturbance that can make their home and school life difficult. As a parent you may be wondering if psych meds are the best option for your child. Psych meds should be used moderately and responsibly in children. Here’s what you should know as a parent:

Medical Evaluation

Your child needs to be thoroughly evaluated by an expert. In some cases a more appropriate treatment other than psych meds can be used. Whether the child needs to be evaluated by a pediatrician or a psychologist will depend on the condition being evaluated. Whoever evaluates your child should be licensed and have extensive experience working with children.

Medicine + Therapy

Research indicates that medicine combined with therapy provides a more effective treatment for children for many conditions. Therapy also gives medical professionals a chance to monitor your child while on the medications and provide you with support as your child undergoes treatment.

Psychiatric medications can improve children’s lives, but only when used responsibly. They should not be the only treatment option considered and should be used under the supervision of a medical professional.

Posted in Blog on March 3rd, 2017