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Tips to Settle Kids Down Before Bed

Your kids keep you going all day long. Whether it’s at home, school, or someplace else, their energy seems boundless. When the day is coming to a close and you want them to settle down before bedtime, often you may encounter a struggle.

As early child care and development shows, children are all different. Some will sit happily watching a movie, while others can’t stop moving around. While they are infants, it’s easy to help them into sleep mode. As they grow, kids sometimes resist bedtime and seem to be as active as ever.

Here are a few health tips for kids to settle them down before bed:

Books and More Books

What parent hasn’t read the same storybook over and over again? But, if that’s what your kids love, then be sure that every night is a book night. As they grow older and can read on their own, then allow reading for as long as they wish. Just as long as it stays quiet and no one else is disturbed.

You can leave picture books piled next to their beds and let them have at it. Their imaginations will take them places anew every night.

Learning to Wind Down

Not every child wants to just hop in bed and close their eyes. But, there are ways to switch off the busyness of the day and get them to relax. Ensure that when they get into bed they stay there. No reaching for the light, no hopping out for a drink of water, no jumping around. Bedtime should also never be used as a punishment.

Beds at night are for sleeping. If they have a favorite toy that comes with them, so much the better. Just tell them to lie still. No tossing or turning. Listen to the quiet in their room. Kids can visually imagine each arm and leg saying goodnight as they work their way up their bodies.

Audio Books, Podcasts, and Music

Older kids, especially, will use this technique. It can become a favorite way to end the day for them. Listening to music will quiet active minds, and help to draw them into days’ end. There are many places to download music and stories for children of all ages.

Don’t wait for your next child doctor visit in Happy Valley. Begin implementing some of these bedtime routines and before you know it, your kids will be looking forward to going to bed.

Posted in Blog on May 17th, 2016