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What do Doctors Look for During Infant Wellness Checks, Specifically?

During the first several years of your child’s life you will find yourself visiting your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ, several times for well child check ups. These appointments happen frequently for the first year, then spread out over the second and third year. Regardless of the timing, top pediatricians in Arizona are looking for specific things during well child check ups.

Physical Growth

Your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ, will always measure your child during well child check ups. Keeping track of height, weight, and head size is an important part of your clinic’s infant care in Glendale, AZ. These measurements will be tracked at well child check ups in order to plot your child’s growth on a chart. Your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ will be able to compare your child’s growth with healthy averages by regularly taking measurements.

Screening for Changes

Top pediatricians in Arizona also check vision, hearing, and language development during well child check ups. This may not be a part of all well child check ups but it is an important and routine part of infant care in Glendale, AZ. Screening tests ensure that your child’s physical and cognitive development is where it should be. If your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ finds any problems or delays because of these screening tests, he or she can intervene as quickly as possible, which often leads to better results.

Sharing Information

Your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ will give you a chance to ask questions during well child check ups. This allows for the sharing of information between caregivers and health care providers. If there is a particular illness the doctor has been seeing frequently, for example, he or she may highlight this information, and if you have a question about your child’s behavior or development, now is a good time to chat with the pediatrician.

How Youre Doing

Your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ may also ask questions about how you are feeling as a parent. Your own stress, sleep schedule, and lifestyle have an impact on your family, your parenting, and your child, so making sure that mom and dad are feeling good is often part of well child check ups.

The main goal of well child check ups, for your pediatrician in Glendale, AZ, is to catch any health, development, or emotional concerns while they are easy to prevent or fix. Be sure to schedule regular appointments.

Posted in Blog on February 20th, 2015