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What is a Good Age to Transition a Child from a Pediatric Doctor to a GP?

There is no doubt that sick kids need to see a doctor, but how do you know what type of doctor your child should see? There is no set time to transition children from a North Phoenix pediatrics clinic to a general practitioner. Ultimately, it is a family decision. Many pediatric doctors will see clients from birth up to age 18.

Some people choose to take sick kids to a general practitioner because it can be more convenient to visit a clinic where every family member attends. Others choose a North Phoenix pediatrics clinic because pediatricians specialize in the care of children, so parents will know that their child is being seen by a practitioner who is an expert in dealing with sick kids.


If you are vaccinating your child, a pediatric doctor may be able to provide you with a Vaccines for Children program immunization screening form. This immunization screening process determines if children are eligible for vaccination if they are uninsured or underinsured. Immunization screening is an important part of your child’s care, whether he or she visits a pediatrician or GP.

Involve Your Teen in the Decision

Teenagers sometimes struggle with visiting a pediatric doctor. They may find it more difficult to connect with a practitioner who treats young children, or could feel out of place in a waiting room surrounded by babies and toddlers. At a certain age, it may make sense to involve your children in the choice of whether to transition or not.

Seek Advice from Others

Ask other families and parents about when they chose to switch their child from a North Phoenix pediatrics clinic to a general practitioner, or if they made the transition at all before their child reached adulthood. Getting other perspectives can help you weigh the pros and cons of your options so you are able to feel comfortable with your choice. Family members or friends may even have suggestions and recommendations for which North Phoenix pediatrics clinic or general practitioner you should consider for your sick kids.

If you switch your child over to the care of a general practitioner, you may still be able to visit a North Phoenix pediatrics clinic for specialized care when the situation calls for it.

Whether you take your sick kids to a general practitioner or a North Phoenix pediatrics clinic, you should be comfortable with the physicians in the practice.

Posted in Blog on December 26th, 2014