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When It’s Not Just Allergies

Having a baby can be one of life’s most cherished events. There’s so much excitement and activity that goes on with babies growing into little ones, that sometimes little things like colds and allergies can go unnoticed or overlooked.

You know your baby better than anyone. Every little noise and reaction is something you’ve become very familiar with. The little stuffy noses or occasional coughing spells don’t seem worrisome. But, how do you know if it’s more than just an allergy?

Allergies, of course, are triggered by lots of things. Dust, pets, mold, foods, and other things can all cause allergies in children and in adults. Sneezing, wheezing and breathing problems seem to come with the territory, so to speak, and may be overlooked as nothing more than nuisances.

There are many things that go into what to expect in the first year. If you’ve never had a child before, every new experience is a learning curve. That’s why dealing with the occasional sneeze or wheeze may not seem like a big deal.

How do you know when it’s more than just allergies?

Allergies happen to anyone and everyone. They can be seasonal as in the spring or late summer, or they can be reactions to metals, dairy products, grasses, trees and so much more.

One of the best indicators to watch out for in your child, is if you have suffered from allergies, or continue to do so. Chances are, your child may have allergies, too.

One of the best things you can teach your children is how to eat healthy. This will go a long way to ensuring that they are getting the most nutritious foods for their growing bodies. By introducing certain foods such as yogurt, fresh fruits, vegetables and the like into their diets from when they are toddlers, kids will automatically be picking up these kinds of foods wherever they go as they grow.

Teaching children to eat healthy is essential for their development. Lessons learned early in life will stay with them for a lifetime. Children should be encouraged to eat a good breakfast every day and meals should be served with portion control in mind.

By incorporating healthy eating habits into your child’s day, you’ll be ensuring that they grow up with the least amount of allergy problems. Sometimes all it takes is to know what good food will do for you. Your Glendale pediatricians can answer any questions you have about your child and allergies they may have.

Posted in Blog on December 1st, 2015