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How Often Do Sports Physicals Lead To A Player Being Benched?

For student athletes in Phoenix, sports physicals are a standard part of joining a team or playing a new sport. School sports physicals determine if students are fit to participate in athletics. Even if they are not required by the school, Phoenix pediatrics practitioners recommend school sports physicals to students who will be participating in athletics during the school year.

School sports physicals done in Phoenix pediatrics clinics focus on risk factors students may face. This includes any family history of illness, previous sports injuries or hospitalizations, conditions such as asthma or epilepsy that could affect students, allergies, and medications taken. Phoenix sports physicals also involve an examination studying blood pressure, heart rate, vision, and the function of various body parts including bones and joints, heart, and eyes.

To some student athletes in Phoenix, sports physicals are daunting. They are worried that the results of their physical done by a Phoenix pediatrics clinic will be negative. Players fear being benched by the outcome of school sports physicals, but this should not be a major concern.

In many cases, Phoenix pediatrics practitioners do not remove student athletes from their sports teams based on the results of their school sports physicals. Unless a problem is immediately or directly life threatening, a player will not typically be benched. Instead, health care practitioners will set out certain steps to be taken in order to mitigate any harm that could occur to a student during the course of athletic events.

If a student is asthmatic, for instance, a pediatric doctor could suggest an adjustment in medication or dosage to accommodate increased physical activity. A student athlete with a prior injury could take on rehabilitative exercises to strengthen weak body parts to be completely fit and functional for sports. Lifestyle, medication, and exercise changes can turn a negative outcome into a positive one, allowing student athletes to take their place on the field, court, or rink.

If your child is involved in student athletics and is concerned about school sports physicals, your family should consult with a Phoenix pediatrics clinic to better understand the process and its usual results. Remember, the goal is to keep your child and all student athletes safe and healthy so there are fewer risks to participation in sports. School sports physicals give everyone a clearer understanding of teen health for the peace of mind of everyone involved.

Posted in Blog on January 2nd, 2015