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How to Childproof Your Pool

Summer and all its warm magic days are right around the corner. Who doesn’t love to be outside all day long enjoying the sun and partaking in all of the activities that are just waiting for you?

With so many backyard activities to look forward to, the last thing you even want to think about is any kind of an accident happening, especially where children are concerned.

Sadly, drownings in backyard swimming pools occur every year. It is a leading cause of death in young children and can occur quickly and quietly. So, how can you prepare yourself for those warm-weather days?

Here are some helpful tips on how you can better childproof your pool.

Teach Your Child to Swim

This is so important and should be on every parent’s priority list. Children love to be in pool water in the summer, and should know how to navigate their way around the pool easily. Swimming lessons are available in every town and some are even provided as a free service to your children.

Kids should be familiar with the basics of first aid and emergencies, too. It’s never too young to start.

Pool Safety for Kids

Rule #1 for young children is that they always be supervised, otherwise, they don’t get to go in the pool or anywhere near it.

Most in-ground pools require a fence around it, and even if you have an above-ground pool, be sure to fence it in. The fence should be at least 4 feet high with no access areas that children can get to easily.

Establish rules for the pool. This means “no diving” for instance, or no bringing friends in without your knowledge and their parents, too. No one should ever be in the pool alone.

Pool Safety Tips

Always keep your pool clean. Who wants to step into dirty water, anyway? It is so important to have proper filtration and chemical levels in your pool.

Pool covers are another great way to ensure extra protection in your backyard. There are a variety of pool covers; vinyl, mesh or even an automatic cover.

You may want to obtain a pool alarm, too. These alarms are designed to sense if a child falls into the pool.

A pool is lots of fun, but is also a big responsibility. Common sense goes a long way to ensuring a great time. Safeguard—so that your summer will only be filled with good pool fun.

Posted in Blog on September 8th, 2015

How Safe is Your Pool? Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Oh, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! There is nothing like spending all day outdoors, sunning and barbecuing, and of course swimming in the pool.

So, here’s our question to you; just how safe is your pool? Being a pool owner means you have certain responsibilities, not just for yourself but for anyone who uses your pool. Take a few minutes and read through all of the pool safety tips here to ensure a summer filled with fun.

Prevent Accidents before they happen.

Here’s how:

  • Is your yard fenced in? Kids climb up, over and through the darnedest places. You’ve watched them learn to crawl, walk and run; so you know how adept they are at getting into just about anything.
  • Do you have locks on all the fence gates? Every entrance needs to be secured. And kept that way at all times. Even if it means a little inconvenience for you.
  • Do you have a reliable, well-fitted pool cover? There are many styles and price options to choose from.
  • Does someone in your family know CPR and basic first aid? Make sure you refresh these skills every year or so!

A Few Pool Safety Tips for Kids:

  • Teach your child to swim. This should be Rule #1. It’s never too early to teach them, either. Kids love water, and babies can even loearn to float on their backs before they learn to walk.
  • Institute rules for the pool. You’ve heard of “rules of the road” for when you drive. Well, then there are specific pool rules, too. To be enforced by everyone at all times. Things like “no diving”, “no running on the pool decks”, “no friends over without permission.”
  • With babies, toddlers, and younger kids, an adult must be with them and at arm’s reach in the pool, AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions.
  • For older children, no cellphones or other digital distractions. There should be a limit to their socializing, and definitely no alcohol. EVER!

Sometimes, rules may seem overbearing, but remember this; it’s your house and your property and it’s up to you to protect it at all times. Anyone who comes there should know just how serious you are about pool safety for kids.

Having a list of rules and pool safety tips is just what you do as a concerned parent. Everyone in the family needs to know and be familiar with all of the pool rules, too. It’s the only way to guarantee a summer of pool fun!

Posted in Blog on July 21st, 2015