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Benefits of Well Child Checks

Why take your child to a Phoenix pediatrics professional if he or she is not ill? There are many benefits to well child check ups, which keep your child and your Phoenix pediatrics clinic working together in partnership to keep your whole family healthy. Before your child becomes ill, well child check ups offer preventative care, which may save you from going through the stress and trauma of an illness in the first place.

Well child check ups are scheduled at regular intervals, giving your Phoenix pediatrics team the chance to talk to you about your child’s health. At each appointment, Phoenix pediatrics practitioners discuss child development, check in on things like weight and height, and can answer any questions you may have about subjects like illness, allergies, or school immunizations.

For some well child check ups, your Phoenix pediatrics clinic may be able to combine medical needs like school immunizations or prescription refills with your appointment. This saves your family time, allowing you to visit the Phoenix pediatrics clinic one time for multiple needs. For medical issues that are not emergencies, well child check ups are an efficient use of time.

If you have questions about health topics that affect your family, like school immunizations, your Phoenix pediatrics clinic can give you information during well child check ups. This allows you to have researched, professional information from a source you trust.

In the event that your child does become ill, a history of regular well child check ups help your Phoenix pediatrics clinic have a proper medical history enabling doctors and other health care practitioners to make informed choices for your child. Instead of being a completely new patient, a child who regularly attends well child check ups at a Phoenix pediatrics clinic is an established client, with a medical record indicating past illnesses, family history, and other important details that could affect care. Having continuity with medical professionals helps catch illness quickly and saves time in treatment and care, so your child can recover as quickly as possible.

For many families, well child check ups offer the best opportunities to speak with Phoenix pediatrics practitioners, and have questions, comments, and concerns addressed on a regular basis. It also keeps children feeling comfortable with medical care and the Phoenix pediatrics staff you visit. Healthy families benefit greatly from well child check ups!

Posted in Blog on June 23rd, 2015

Common Misconceptions About Immunizations

School immunization is a regular part of childhood, helping prevent sick kids from getting sicker and stopping children from developing childhood diseases and illnesses in the first place. Phoenix pediatrics clinics encourage all parents who can immunize their children to do so, and school immunization is required for daycares and K-12 schools in Arizona.

Even though school immunization is a regular part of life, there are many misconceptions that make parents afraid to schedule their children for school immunization. Sick kids are something everyone should want to prevent, so Phoenix pediatrics experts work hard to make sure parents and caretakers have a solid, informed understanding of school immunization.

Who Get Sick?

Some people think that school immunization leads to sick kids, which could not be further from the truth. The idea that school immunization leads to autism or other health concerns has been refuted by the scientific community again and again, from many different sources. School immunization will not lead to sick kids, and in fact is the ideal way to keep your children in the best health possible.

Is This Necessary?

You may think that school immunization is not necessary for your kids, because the other kids are vaccinated. Phoenix pediatrics clinics aim to vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated, however, because there are some sick kids who simply cannot receive vaccinations. These sick kids are at risk of developing an illness because their health concerns make them ineligible for school immunization. In order to protect both your child, and kids who cannot be vaccinated, you should schedule your family for school immunization appointments.

Opting Out

Some people think that school immunization is optional, or easy to opt out of. Phoenix pediatrics experts will tell you that opting out of school immunization can only happen for health or religious reasons, and requires lots of paperwork and documentation for proof. Unless there is a very good, well documented reason your child is ineligible for school immunization, you should expect to have the responsibility to keep up to date with school shots.


Many people think that school immunization against more rare or obscure illness and disease is pointless, but in fact, the reason you don’t see more sick kids who suffer from these health concerns is due to vaccines. If Phoenix pediatrics experts stopped vaccinating against these illnesses, they would return. In fact, the US is seeing the return of previously eradicated illnesses like the measles due to parents not vaccinating their kids.

Posted in Blog on March 31st, 2015

Top Reasons Why it is Vital to Keep Your Child’s Shots Up to Date

Finding out that your child’s school immunization shots are out of date is not a good surprise. This shortcoming in school immunization shots poses a major risk to your child’s health and the health of other children, and can cause other problems, too.

Follow the Schedule

Many school immunization shots are given on a staggered schedule, meaning that Glendale pediatricians must provide several rounds of the school immunization shot in order for it to be effective. If your child has received one round of the school immunization you may be under the mistaken impression that he or she is protected from illness – but that is not the case. Keeping your child’s shots up to date with the help of Glendale pediatricians and properly scheduled well child check ups is the only way to ensure that he or she receives every school immunization within a series, providing full immunization.

Held Back Because of Shots?

You may not find out that your child’s school immunization shots are out of date until it is too late. Glendale pediatricians have many stories of parents who scramble for well child check ups after finding out from a school, summer camp, or other organization that their child is not eligible for entry because his or her school immunization record is incomplete. People take vaccinations very seriously, so as to not put anyone needlessly at risk, and if you do not ensure your child has accurate, adequate school immunization, he or she will likely be turned away from school and extracurricular activities requiring medical records.

Losing time at school, athletics, or other hobbies can be discouraging and costly to your child’s overall wellbeing.

Travel Safety

Inadequate school immunization may even throw you for a loop if you plan to travel. Many countries require full vaccinations for children to travel, so if you fall behind on school immunizations you may find yourself canceling a vacation with very little notice.

Luckily, it is easy for parents to stay on top of school immunization requirements. Work with your Glendale pediatricians to schedule regular well child check ups that include vaccinations. Even if your child appears healthy, he or she still needs protection against diseases, so do not stop scheduling well child check ups, even if you have an older child. Even high school students and college and university students must follow school immunization rules.

Posted in Blog on March 10th, 2015

Common Misconceptions about School Shots

As a parent, it’s important to have a full understanding of school immunizations if you have a student in school or are planning to enroll your child in school any time soon. Phoenix pediatrics experts can give you great advice on school immunization and what is required for your child – simply ask your Phoenix pediatrics professionals at well child check ups or other appointments. Still, even with the help of Phoenix pediatrics clinics, parents have questions and misconceptions about school immunization.

Myth: School Immunization Is Not Required

In fact, in Arizona, school immunization is required. There are ways to get exemptions, but most of these rely on religious or personal beliefs that do not apply to the majority of the student population. If your child can be vaccinated, he or she should be – school immunization keeps everyone safe and helps keep students who cannot receive school immunizations for medical reasons in good health.

Myth: School Immunization is Complicated and Time-Consuming

Some parents have the misconception that following up with school immunization rules and regulations is hard. Phoenix pediatrics clinics have a very good handle on what school immunization schedules and regulations apply to their patients, and can help you adhere to those rules. Well child check ups offer great opportunities for students to receive their vaccinations while already visiting their Phoenix pediatrics clinic, saving everyone time and effort.

Myth: School Immunization Introduces Illnesses to My Child

School immunization shots will not get your child sick. Phoenix pediatrics clinics have been safely and routinely providing school immunization shots for a long time. Vaccinations should not and typically do not cause health problems. You can discuss any concerns about particular school immunization shots with your Phoenix pediatrics experts, and most Phoenix pediatrics clinics will give parents information about each individual school immunization during the vaccination appointment or well child check ups.

Myth: My Child Can Keep Going to School Without School Immunization Shots

If your child is not up-to-date with school immunization requirements, he or she can be removed from school until you have visited a Phoenix pediatrics clinic to bring your child’s vaccinations up to the required standards. This means lost time and added expense for you, as well as letting your child fall behind on schoolwork. Make sure your well child check ups are scheduled regularly to avoid this.

Posted in Blog on March 3rd, 2015

A Guide to School Shots

School shots, or immunizations, are required in Arizona, so North Phoenix pediatrics clinics are well prepared to provide school immunization services to patients. There are many school immunization shots required by the state, so it’s a good idea to consult with your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic to find out exactly what your child needs in terms of school shots.

Age and Health

School immunization requirements depend on the age and grade of each student in Arizona.

A DTaP dose is required at every level, from under age 7, ages 7 to 10, and age 11 and older. A meningococcal school immunization is required for students age 11 and up. Some school shots are set up with a dose requirement – for example, polio school shots are required in the form of three to four doses from age 7 up. MMR, hepatitis B, and varicella are also requirements for K-12 school shots.

What Your Child Needs for School

You will need to provide proof of school shots to your child’s school, and the school immunization record has to have all of the required information including the date of the school shots and the name of your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic or doctor.

School immunizations may also be required for students attending college or university, based on the policies of each school.

Start Young

You may think school shots only apply to K-12 students or those pursuing higher education, but school shots are also a must-have for Arizona children in daycare. School immunizations applying to daycare children include hepatitis B, DTaP, polio, HiB, MMR, and varicella.

Information is Available

While it may seem confusing to have to know what school shots are required when, and what school immunization information you must have to prove your child’s eligibility, your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic can help you sort out the information. Most North Phoenix pediatrics clinics are able to keep school immunization records on file so you will be able to access your child’s personal records if you need to. North Phoenix pediatrics experts can also give you a good schedule for school shots, which will meet school immunization requirements and keep your child safe from common childhood illnesses.

School immunization is an important aspect of keeping all students safe and healthy. Talk to your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic about what steps you may need to take in order to properly immunize your child for school in Arizona.

Posted in Blog on February 27th, 2015