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Preventing Sports Injuries

It’s fall, which means back to school and back to extracurricular sports. Around 30 million children play sports in the United States, and of those more than 3.5 million children, ages 14 or younger, are injured every year playing sports. Some of these injuries are minor, such as sprains or strains, but some are more serious and can have longer lasting consequences. It helps to work with pediatricians in Phoenix who conduct sports physicals to know what the risks are and how you can reduce them.

Understand The Risk

Sports like track and field have less likelihood of collision related incidents, and greater risk of sprains or strains. Sports in which a collision is more likely, have more serious injuries associated with them. Football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball all have the potential for collisions and head injuries.

Make sure that your child wears protective gear at all times while they practice or play, and make sure they understand how serious a head injury can be. Talk to them about playing the sport passionately, but consciously, always being aware of where other players are.

Get Help From Others

Most teams require a sports physical before a child can play. Pediatricians in Phoenix who gives sports physicals can further advise you and your child on best protection policies. A sports physical can be much more than simply a paperwork requirement. It’s a chance for pediatricians in Phoenix to evaluate your child in light of their activities. Your child’s coach is also a key part to avoiding injuries that can come from overexertion or not enough training.

Individual Sports Have Risks, Too

Some children are not as interested in team sports and will opt for independent activities like skateboarding, roller skating, skiing, or snowboarding. These do not require a sports physical, but it’s still a good idea. Make sure that children wear the right helmets and other protective gear whenever they engage in these sports. Protective mouth, eye, elbow and knee gear is also available. Talk to them about not engaging in these activities if they are tired or hungry, since this is when injuries are most likely to occur.

Talk to your pediatrician in Phoenix and make sure sports physicals are part of the routine when preparing for a sports season. Safety ensures that fun can be had by all.

Posted in Blog on September 19th, 2014

How To Prepare Your Child For Their Yearly Physical

Even if your child is in perfectly good health, it is important to make sure that they visit their pediatrician for a yearly physical. Not only does it give the parents a chance to ask questions regarding their child’s eating habits, behavior, and overall health, but seeing a patient in person allows the pediatrician to gauge their health more accurately. Annual physicals are different from sports physicals or camp physicals. North Phoenix pediatrics doctors are trained to look for potential health problems and developmental milestones, so it is important not to skip these safeguard appointments.

Discuss Routine Procedures

Before you take your child to a north Phoenix pediatrics doctor, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that they know what will happen during the visit, so they will not be surprised or scared. Explain vision and hearing tests and that the doctor will measure the child’s height and weight. They’ll likely ask questions about the child’s eating, exercising, and other habits. Discuss how important and helpful doctors are. Let them know they can expect similar checkup procedures at camp physicals and during sports physicals.

Dont Discuss Immunizations Far Ahead of Time

However, if your child is scheduled to have an immunization during their physical, it is often best not to discuss this far ahead of time. Your child may imagine a scary north Phoenix pediatrics doctor. Let them know, on the day of the exam, that they’ll be getting a shot and make sure that you yourself are not communicating fear to the child. Always remember to bring your child’s personal immunization record to the appointment with your north Phoenix pediatric doctors, and make sure the nurse fills it out correctly.

Other Required Physicals

There are other times that your child may require a physical exam. Many daycares require a physical, as do various sports and summer camps. Again, explain the routine but important nature of camp physicals and sports physicals to your child. Help them to understand how important it is to see a doctor regularly. Their north Phoenix pediatrics doctor is there to help and sports physicals and camp physicals are part of ensuring they can have as much fun as possible!

Most importantly, always remain calm and positive yourself. Parents who have a positive, reassuring approach have far less anxious children during yearly physical examinations.

Posted in Blog on September 5th, 2014