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3 Major Ways That Breastfeeding Impacts Your Child’s Health

Pediatricians in Phoenix are touting the benefits of breastfeeding for many reasons. It’s cost effective, and can be easier and more convenient than formula. It can lower the mother’s risk of type 2 diabetes and some women’s cancers. But, as any Phoenix pediatrics practitioner will tell you, there are enormous benefits to the baby’s health as well.

Breast feeding is not always easy at first, and the initial well check for babies often addresses common concerns and problems. Breast feeding help is available if it isn’t automatically easy, which is not unusual. If you’re looking for infant care in Phoenix for your baby, you’ll need to consider pumping. Here are reasons why women go to the trouble.

Miraculous Colostrum

The first milk that you produce is not really milk at all, but a yellowish substance called colostrum, rich in nutrients and antibodies that protect the baby naturally from infection. Colostrum helps the newborn’s brand new digestive system establish itself, grow, and function. This, in turn makes a baby less fussy, and easier to leave with an infant care provider in Phoenix. It also means that at your well checks for babies, your Phoenix pediatrician will be very happy with the health of your newborn.

Lowers Babys Risk of Diseases

After 3-5 days, colostrum turns into mature milk. One reason Phoenix pediatrics practitioners recommend breast feeding is that it contains all the proteins, fats, sugars, water, and nutrients that the baby needs to grow, and in the perfect proportions. This means that you never have to worry that your baby is getting exactly what he or she needs—nature takes care of it for you. Your baby well check will be a breeze because your baby will be growing well, and you’ll feel more comfortable leaving your child in infant care in Phoenix.

Studies have shown that babies who are breast fed enjoy greater health overall and have a lower risk of developing asthma, childhood leukemia, childhood obesity, ear infections, eczema, sudden infant death syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and others.

Invaluable Bonding

One benefit that may not come up during your baby well check with your Phoenix pediatrics doctor, is that breast feeding provides a special kind of bond between mother and child. Breast feeding provokes the mother’s oxytocin to release, so she feels good caring for her baby, and it’s an extremely effective way to calm a fussy baby. The bonds that are created are also health promoting, and are the beginning of an emotionally healthy life for the child. Although breast feeding does not come easily for some, and is not possible for others, if you are able to breastfeed, the reasons to do so are many.

Posted in Blog on December 12th, 2014