Why Infant Care is Important for Parents

Taking care of a baby comes with a lot of challenges. Here’s why knowing how to properly care for your child is a skill you need to learn as you welcome the newest arrival to your family.

The Umbilical Cord Will Fall Off

Your baby’s umbilical cord will fall off within two weeks. Don’t be surprised when it does. That’s nothing to panic over. Be aware that the stump may bleed a little when the cord finally falls off. That’s normal, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Your Baby Will Eat All the Time

Babies eat every two or three hours. However, if you’re nursing, it may be difficult to determine whether she’s had enough or not. You can use your baby’s weight to get a gauge on that. Let the pediatrician check her weight after she’s been discharged for a few days.

Your Baby Will Cry a Lot, Too

She’ll cry when she’s cold, hungry, or has a dirty diaper. She’ll also cry if she wants you to hold her. That’s how she’ll talk to you and your partner.

Your Baby May be Sick

Your baby may fall ill as well. If you notice changes in her appetite or behavior, and if she’s tender around the navel or has a fever, then those are signs that your baby is sick. To make sure she gets the right treatment, look for a pediatric clinic for proper infant care in Phoenix. If you aren’t sure what to do, then getting your baby to the doctor is the best decision to make.

How to Find a Doctor

When you look for a doctor, find someone who specializes in infant care in Phoenix. Consider the doctor’s reputation and record. When it’s time for your appointment, how does the doctor handle your baby? Is s/he competent? Does s/he know how to put your baby at ease? Does s/he provide you with useful tips on how you could put your child to sleep or feed her?

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