Heat Rash

What are those smallbumps you see on your baby or child’s skin? They’re from a common
condition called heat rash, or prickly heat. It’s normally harmless, easily treatable, and shouldn’t
cause any panic. However, it can be bothersome for the child and possibly a sign of something
more serious.
What Does it Look Like?
Heat rash happens on clothed parts of the body–abdomen, neck, upper chest, groin, and armpits.
This is because these areas are the least ventilated. Heat rash takes the form of tiny bumps,
usually in the folds, surrounded by red skin.
Why Does it Happen?
The reason for heat rash is in its name—hot weather. When the ducts from your child’s sweat
glands become blocked, the skin becomes irritated and red. The child may feel an itchy, stinging
Dos and Don’ts
There are several methods parents can use to treat their child’s heat rash. Most involve cooling
the skin.
• Remove your child from the heat
• Run a cool bath or shower for the child
• Move your child to an airconditioned or chilly room
• Fan the affected area
• Use baby powder the soothe the rash. Be careful not to overdo it and block the pores.
• Ointment or cream may irritate the skin even more
• Scratching the skin could cause an infection
Your child’s clothes are adorable, but they could be the reason for heat rashes in Phoenix
• Don’t overdress your child. Keep layering to a minimum.
• Avoid heavy, unbreathable, or tight fabrics.
• Make sure you’re not covering your child in too many blankets.
When it’s More Than a Heat Rash
You need to call a physician if:
• The rash pursues after 3 or more days
• The rash takes on a purple or bruise like appearance
• Your child has a fever or chills
• The rash creates blisters or scabs
• Pus is draining from rash
• Your child had swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck, or groin
If you have concerns about your child’s skin, request an appointment here at Pediatrix.
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