Pediatricians play an essential role in ensuring babies are healthy and growing at the recommended rates and meeting developmental milestones. They might recognize issues early on and refer parents to a specialist. For example, babies who face developmental delays should be referred to special services like occupational therapy. When you are searching for a pediatrician to handle your newborn care, asking some questions can help you build confidence in their services. After narrowing your options to two or three doctors, you should consider setting up a meeting. The following are some of the essential questions to ask the pediatrician.

What is their Experience in the Newborn Care Field?

An experienced pediatrician is more likely to address your newborn’s health issues effectively. Notably, according to Pedatrix MD, babies born prior to 38 weeks of gestation are particularly prone to jaundice. Pediatricians with a high experience level can easily understand how different conditions and experiences can affect a baby’s general wellness, health, and cognitive ability.

What is their Childcare Philosophy?

A childcare philosophy helps caregivers and parents select a practitioner that aligns with the family’s child-rearing philosophies. Therefore, you should talk with your pediatrician about their thoughts on vaccinations, breastfeeding, alternative feeding, and sleep issues if these are important to you.

Is the Pediatrician Part of a Group Practice?

If you opt for a pediatrician in a solo practice, seek information about the person who covers you when away. If they are part of a group practice, seek information about other doctors’ backgrounds. Notably, some facilities have pediatric nurse practitioners. These are fully trained nurses usually possessing specialized training and an MA. It is also crucial to note that physician assistants are not nurses.

What is the Duration of the typical Check-Up?

It is recommendable to request appointments during the least busy hours. It would help if you also inquired whether the physician has schedules specifically for seeing newborns. Typically, a check-up lasts for approximately 25 minutes; however, you should also include waiting time.

What Are Their Operational Hours?

Seeking information about office hours helps a person to avoid future inconveniences. Furthermore, it also allows someone to reschedule their usual routines to their pediatrician’s schedule. It is also essential to find out how the facility handles emergencies.

Before you seek help from a pediatrician, you should conduct in-depth research into their practice. You can also consider seeking referrals from friends and relatives.