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Fever in Children: When to Worry

A fever in children is always a worrisome situation. Many people experience fevers throughout their lifetime. Although they sometimes go away on their own, you should always pay close attention to fevers and act to resolve them. There are some situations where visiting the emergency room is the best step to take, and as a parent, you need to be familiar with these situations.

When to Visit the Emergency Room

If you are unsure about your child’s fever, call your doctor immediately. Or, take your child into the emergency room. You should not wait if:

  • The child’s temperature is 103 degrees F or higher. This high of a temperature can cause brain damage.
  • If the child has a fever that lasts for more than seven days. He or she needs an appointment. Most parents will want to come in prior to
  • Solutions used at home (such as a cool bath) are not helping. When your child has a fever and the symptoms are getting worse, call your doctor.

It is also important to recognize other needs. For example, if the child is not communicating, eating or drinking, or even seems lethargic, do not wait. A fever in children is an indication of an illness and needs treatment. It is not necessarily a sign of an allergy, but in some cases, pediatric allergy testing is also an important component of the care your child will need.

Do Wait – Bring Your Child to a Pediatrician Nearby

If you have any type of concern with your child, including a high fever or one that does not go away, bring your child in to see us. Well child checkups can help with some needs, but do not wait if you believe your child is ill. Call Pediatrix today.

Posted in Baby Care, Doctor Visits, Emergency on September 3rd, 2018